Cooking Tips for Beginners

To become exceptional cooks, we need knowledge, skill, and finely-tuned sensory awareness. When we're cooking for health and longevity, the learning process may involve some basic biochemistry, as well. If this seems daunting, just shake off your resistance and begin. It's a fascinating course of study, and you'll enjoy wonderful meals and excellent health along the way.

As you travel the longevity cooking path, you will learn many classic techniques and develop special methods all your own. Here is some basic advice to help you get the most from your early efforts:

1) Always use the highest-quality ingredients you can find and afford;
2) Let go of any worries you may have and focus your complete attention on the task at hand;
3) To avoid overwhelm, select one recipe as the focus of your meal and serve it with simple side dishes such as fresh vegetable sticks or a green salad;
4) Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the meal so you don't make mistakes by hurrying;
5) Read the recipe all the way through before beginning to cook so you have a clear overview of the entire process.
6) Set out all your tools and and ingredients, as called for in the recipe, before turning on the stove.

Finally, a special request: When you've had enough experience to develop peace of mind in the kitchen, invite your friends and family, especially children, to help you with simple tasks. Relax and have fun together -- you're nurturing the longevity chefs of tomorrow.


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